Wedding Trends

2015 Wedding Trends

April 30, 2015

According to a few of my sources, MODWeddings being one of them, there are some exciting 2015 wedding trends.  And it appears the over all theme is individuality, not a remake of the overwhelming pins on Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong I have gotten great ideas on Pinterest but your wedding day should be 100% your own creation, Pinterest is just the starting point.  Here are my favorite 5 for you to peruse.

1.  The Non-White Wedding Dress is IN.

2015 Wedding Trends

The old-fashioned ideal of an impure bride in a non-white dress has finally come to an end.  2015 brides are wearing any color they feel like.  The non-white wedding dress is IN in 2015.

For my wedding day, I fell in love with a buttercream, tea length dress. I debated for at least an hour, in Danielle’s Boutique, on whether I should choose the buttercream or the white version of the same dress, white being the traditional choice (of course). Finally after much head scratching, and torturing my bridesmaids with questions, I picked the buttercream. I was happy with my pick until a few weeks later, on the phone with my soon to be mother-in-law, concern was expressed about the message a non-white wedding dress in such a “casual design” would suggest. That suggestion being: I had been married before.  Well, this was simply not the case.  And, I couldn’t have people thinking I had been married before, could I?  Would I be ok with this?  I had always prided myself in being an independent woman but after that phone conversation I called Danielle’s Boutique and changed my choice to the white dress, I did, however, keep the tea length design because it was a perfect fit for me. Now, years later, I chuckle, whether it is a buttercream dress or a white dress doesn’t matter. What matter’s is: getting married to the one you love they way you want to. And, from my personal experience, I say pick your buttercream.

2. Food Tastings at the Cocktail Hour.

2015 Wedding Trends

Food Tastings are a great way to introduce your wedding guests to your food favorites

Food tastings are an excellent way to offer your guests many options without pushing one food trend. I believe this is my favorite 2015 wedding trend, but I am a self-proclaimed “foodie” and options are my specialty. This trend keeps the costs down as well.

3. Industrial Weddings

2015 Wedding Trends

At your wedding you can spend your budget on whatever tickles your fancy. Your guests are sure to love it too!

I love this bar sign, I’m sure it cost quite a bit, but it adds a very personal flair to your wedding. It definitely makes the bar stand out and become the ideal spot to hang out. I love the industrial setup with the boxes of alcohol lounging about the 8 foot table. This throws traditional out for 2015 wedding trends.

And, industrial is where the SteamPlant excels. Check out this beautiful night time photo of our 1800’s renovated SteamPlant on the banks of the Arkansas River.

2015 Wedding Trends

The SteamPlant, a renovated SteamPlant from the late 1800’s, has the market on industrial (and elegant).

4. Copper

2015 Wedding Trends

It only makes sense to mix the healing properties of copper and your wedding day.

5. Wild West Weddings. And nothing is more Wild and West than Colorado.

2015 Wedding Trends

Going authentic 1800’s Wild West

I love the look of vintage weddings, the mix of delicate lace and the rugged sandy leather puts the western bride in a class by herself. Your photographer will have many western photo shoot ideas around the SteamPlant. and, whether you choose to go authentic west or just add a little western flair, like cowboy boots under your buttercream gown, it doesn’t matter, and it is all up to you–the bride.

Call the SteamPlant (719) 539-0933 and ask about our Wild West/Industrial Wedding options. Or send us a message on facebook, we want to hear from you.

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